Friday, January 27, 2012

Greek souvlaki by Savvas!

Since i left Greece and moved to Sweden there is one food that i miss a lot...Yes i miss the Greek authentic souvlaki! My favorite is the pork on skewers actually but lately i also like the kebab (made from minced meat).

Last time when i was in Greece it was in July when we had our vacation and we got married with my husband so its been 6 months since i ate my last souvlaki! Now i am back in Greece for some days to see my family, my friends and to eat souvlaki of course! I think i could eat it every day.... Tonight we have decided to order and eat it here at home. Souvlaki and cold beer...I love this combination!

 Of course the souvlaki came from Savvas, a brand that we love to eat from and we trust for many years now. They are in business since 1925 and they have a big variety and top quality!

We all chose pita kebab with potatoes, onion, tomato and tzatziki in it! I ate 2 but i wouldn't mind for one more! Delicious! If you are ever in Greece, don't forget to visit a Savvas souvlaki place and enjoy the best souvlaki in town!

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